• Public Epistemic Authority: Normative Institutional Design for EU Law (find it here)
  • Taming the Few: Platform Regulation, Independent Audits, and the Risks of Capture Created by the DMA and DSA, in: (2021) Computer Law & Security Review, Volume 43 (find it here)
  • Neutralizing Online Behavioural Advertising: Algorithmic Targeting with Market Power as an Unfair Commercial Practice, in: (2021) Common Market Law Review, Volume 58, Issue 3 (find it here)
  • Review: Judicial Power:How Constitutional Courts Affect Political Transformations (by Christine Landfried), in: (2019) International Journal of Constitutional Law, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 1010–1014 (find it here)
  • A New Type of Evidence? Cyberinvestigations, Social Media, and Online Open Source Video Evidence at the ICC, in: (2018) Archiv des Völkerrechts, Volume 56, Issue 3, pp. 324–360 (find it here)
  • Neue Lehrformate in Großvorlesungen [New Forms of Teaching in Lectures with Large Audiences], in: Matthias Klatt and Sabine Koller (eds.), Lehre als Abenteuer: Anregungen für eine bessere Hochschulausbildung (Frankfurt am Main: Campus, 2012), 98–102 (together with Matthias Klatt) (find it here)
  • OLAT in Großvorlesungen [OLAT in Lectures with Large Audiences], in: (2009) Hamburger eLearning Magazin, Issue 3, 28–29 (together with Matthias Klatt) 2009 HeLM OLAT in Großvorlesungen

Working Papers:

  • The Concentration-after-Personalisation Index (CAPI): Governing Effects of Personalisation Using the Example of Targeted Online Advertising (find it here)
  • Public Epistemic AuthorityAn Epistemic Framework for the Institutional Legitimacy of International Adjudication, NYU Jean Monnet Working Paper 5/19 (find it here)


  • Governing Predictive Data Analytics, Lecture, Hilary Term 2022, New College of the Humanities, Northeastern University London
  • Criminal Justice and Predictive Policing, Lecture, Michaelmas Term 2021, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford
  • Digital Ethics and Politics, Seminar, Winter Term 2017-2018, Faculty of Social Science, University of Hamburg (Germany)
  • Politics and Law, Seminar, Winter Term 2015-2016,  Faculty of Social Science, University of Hamburg
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